With today’s advanced technology, you can answer the door using your smartphone, reach other people in your home, engage with staff in your office, communicate with any of the team in your warehouse or simply make an announcement.

Intercoms  — Security Home Service in Oak Flats, NSW

Intercom System

From Multi-residential, high rise intercoms to simples 1-to-1 home systems, Adept has the answers.

If you have an existing system, we can fix faults, repair or provide an upgrade option for a new system.

Adept recommend Aiphone intercoms, a world-renown manufacturer, whose products are unrivalled in design simplicity, technical excellence and reliability.



If you want to communicate with people quickly and efficiently in an industrial setting, using a loudspeaker intercom might be your best option. When time is of the essence, these intercoms perform at their best.

Make an announcement, locate an individual or alert people of an evacuation. Accomplish everything without ever having to leave your desk. This system saves time and is also a must-have for security and safety.

At Adept Security, we take safety seriously. Our expert staff knows how to implement the right intercom system for your home, office or business. We can provide the equipment you need, install it and maintain it for seamless operation.

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