Access Control


Control who can access your building or spaces of the building with an access control system. Designed to selectively restrict access to only those who are authorised, these systems can be customised to suit, putting security and control firmly in your hands.

Access control is the ideal security solution for fire control doors, property access gates, garages, sliding, rolling or swinging factory shutters and specific internal spaces. They are equally effective for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Our specialist security team will come out and look over your property to determine what is needed, then we will work with you to create an access plan.
From here, we execute the action precisely, ensuring your home or business receives optimal security moving forward. Each building requires a plan that suits the specific layout, purpose and design of the property.
Access Control — Security Home Service in Oak Flats, NSW

Types of Access Control Systems

There are several types of access control systems available to you. Your individual situation, building and requirements, determines which one will suit you best.

Biometric Access Control System

Allows access with a fingerprint that has been authorised. This method uses ... Read more

Proximity Access Control System

Enables access to a network of entrances via a smart card. These systems provide security ... Read more

Door Access Control System

A stand-alone compact system that’s lower in cost, these work in conjunction with an ... Read more

Key Card Systems

Provides access to a specific location through the use of a key card or fob for an electronic door lock.
Our specialist security team can advise you on which control system is most suitable for your purposes. We offer flexible security options that help you gain access to protected areas.

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