Home Automation


Get peace of mind with a Home Automation Security System. Any of the systems in your home can be linked up to your smart device to offer 24/7 security protection and control over the utilities and appliances in your home.

Adept Security specialises in setting up and configuring home automation systems.

Home automation enables you to control your entire house from your smartphone. Using innovative technology, security and convenience can work together to keep you safe and save you time.

Remotely monitor your home for an extra level of protection, schedule lighting, heating and cooling, window coverings and appliances with just a touch or keystroke on your smartphone or tablet.

Home Automation  — Security Home Service in Oak Flats, NSW

Features of Home Automation

As technology continues to improve, innovative solutions evolve to offer convenience. With home automation, there are many features that offer greater security and protection and also enable you to get more done in less time.

Set a schedule to automatically arm or disarm the security system, remotely turn the lights on or off when you’re away so the house looks occupied or set the climate for comfort. With the control firmly in your hands, home automation can also save you in energy costs.

In an emergency, these systems allow you to flash your lights and draw attention, alert the authorities if you need immediate help.
The professionals at Adept Security can help you with the most effective and efficient integration to save you time and stress. Not all products work together naturally, so it’s vital you have an expert who knows which system to install and how to program it for complete functionality.

We work with a variety of brands to ensure you have all the features and support you require to feel safe and secure. We are available to help you design the setup, we install the technology and support you moving forward.

Take your home to the next level and get connected. Contact Adept Security today for a consultation, let us help you automate your home.