Ducted Vacuum Systems


Quiet and convenient, ducted vacuum systems are central vacuum systems that make cleaning easier and more efficient. These systems have a powerful motor and are designed to remove contaminants including airborne dust pollution for easier breathing, better health and wellbeing.

Servicing Wollongong, Shellharbour and surrounding areas, Adept Security can supply, install and maintain ducted systems.

Efficient, convenient and effective, these low noise systems come with different floor tools and fitting for the ultimate in cleaning convenience.

Wall outlets can be installed in in many rooms, connected via a PVC piping to the vacuum motor unit. This unit comes with a dust collection bin to hold the dust and debris that is sucked up.

These units are a smart investment that lasts for many years, with the power, benefits and ease of use far outweighing the traditional, portable cleaner. The electron range of ducted vacuum systems are made in Australia, with efficiency and effeciveness firmly in mind.

Ducted Vacuum Systems  — Security Home Service in Oak Flats, NSW

Central Vacuum Benefits

The many benefits of having a central vacuum in the house include:

  • Improved indoor air quality – helps alleviate breathing problems
  • Better standard of cleaning – powerful motor
  • Central motor and collection unit – empty collection unit infrequently
  • Potential boost to resale value of home – added feature
Reach out to the professionals at Adept Security to arrange a consultation and find out more about your options. Regardless of the size of your home, we have a central vacuum solution to suit.