Monitor the activity at your home or business remotely with video surveillance technology.

Our security team in Shellharbour install aa high definition security camera system at your premises. You can stay connected by watching remotely from your smart phone or tablet. Archiving or back-ups are quick and easy onto readily accessible and portable USB pen drives.

If your current system needs a service or additions, give us a call We can check your existing system, carry out any repairs or provide a quote for an upgrade. At Adept Security, the advice is always free.
CCTV Camera — Security Home Service in Oak Flats, NSW

CCTV System Size

There is no limit to how large you can scale your security camera system. We can set up an effective system regardless of the size of the property you want to monitor.

Recent technology improvements means camera definition and clarity are better than ever. All recorded footage is kept at your premises, on the system recorder at your fingertips.

There's no cloud storage, so there's no on-going subscription fees or costs.


CCTV Technology

Innovative technology has greatly enhanced the surveillance industry in recent years. Even domestic CCTV systems now come with high-tech features that can be continually updated.

Some features to consider include:

  • Remote Mobile Viewing
  • Internet Protocol (IP) Connectivity
  • High Definition (HD) Video
  • Smart Phone & Tablet view via free apps
  • Night Vision in Total Darkness
  • Large Video Storage
  • Weatherproof Casings
We provide all the tools needed to monitor your property. Our expert staff plan out the project, and once accepted, the installation is fast and efficient. We will always make ourselves available to answer any questions and to train you on how to use the equipment.

Adept Security stands by all our products and services and we are available anytime you need us.

See what a difference it can make to have security professionals on your side. Contact Adept Securitytoday to arrange a consultation for a CCTV system.